Call for Abstracts Volume 3, Issue 1.

Theme: Critical Sociology of Identities

Abstract Submission Deadline
July 31, 2017

Confirmation of Acceptance
August 7, 2017

Complete Manuscript Submission
August 30, 2017 

Processing Fee Submission
Septembed 7, 2017

Review Report
September 25,2017

Reworked Manuscript Submission
October 20,2017

October 31, 2017

The Journal for People´s Studies (JPS) calls for abstracts for its next issue on the theme Critical Sociology of Identities. The proposed theme invites disciplinary and inter-disciplinary papers which aim to critically analyse scientific as well as civil society approaches and sociological and political discourses on identities; and which further aim to dismantle conventional identity discourses and their representations and narratives.

In today´s world we can witness how identity discourses polarise the political arena, be it in the US, in Great Britain, in France, in India, in Thailand or in Venezuela. This polarisation motivated the editors to bring out an issue which deals with aspects of critical sociology on the given theme.

As current social science discourses of intersectionality of identities demonstrate, identities in a globalised world cross boundaries and perceptions. While a person´s identity in an intersectional understanding cannot be seen as singular, in day to day interactions people are still seen as a singular identity. One could observe the emergence of numerous identity based movements and academic discussions across the globe that are not just objective in nature, but also subjective in its innate character. Therefore, it is essential to recognise that people unite in a multiplicity, and at times emerge into a complex set of identities. Sociological studies on oppressed, marginalised and exploited identities have established that identity questions closely interlink with the notion of human rights, justice, peace and harmonious engagement or even disengagement. Such discourses demand higher degree of academic investigation, which could lead to a better understanding of the social, cultural, political, economic and religious landscapes.

In this issue we wish to engage with some of the key questions pertaining with identity. Some of those questions are noted below.

In this issue we wish to engage with some of the key questions pertaining with identity. Some of those questions are noted below.
What are the interconnections between power and identity/identities?
How does society react to the diverse and intersect understanding of identities?
What are the interfaces between oppressed, marginalised and exploited groups in modern times?
What and how theoretical proposition could be drawn from contemporary identity movements?
What are the reasons for opposition to identity movements?
Whether demarcation of identities is necessary for political activism?
How far does it hinder political activism?
What sociological understanding do we gain based on the experiences of people from oppressed, marginalised and exploited groups in public engagements such as schools, universities, offices, market spaces, airports, railway stations, etc.?

In a similar manner, there are many other pertaining issues that need critical scholarly and intellectual interpretation. JPS invited scholars, academicians, intellectuals, researchers, activists and others interested to submit their abstracts within the following subthemes:

  • Identity/ies and Cultures
  • Identity/ies and Religion
  • Identity/ies, Conflict and War
  • Identity/ies and Discrimination (race, caste, sex, sexuality, religion, dis/ability, …)
  • Identity/ies of exploited, marginalised, oppressed groups (Dalits, Adivasi, Indigenous, First Nations, Afro-American, Religious and Sexual Minorities, Dis/abled People)
  • Traditional, Modern and Post Modern Orientation of Identities
  • Rural, Urban and Identities
  • Intersecting Identities
  • Identities and Feminism
  • Identities and Gender
  • Identities in a Globalised World
  • Intersectional Identities
  • Coming of Age
  • Identities and Media (Film, TV, Radio, Newspapers, …) and Social Media (FB, Twitter, Instagram, …)
  • Identities and Literature, Oral Narratives, Photography, …
  • Politics of Identities
  • Civil Society Movements on Identities
  • Education and Identities
  • Sports and Identities

JPS welcomes abstracts on any of the above given themes. It also welcomes any related theme that the author/s considers part of the broader theme of the issue. Interested persons are requested to go through the guidelines for more details Any paper without following the style of writing will be rejected. Abstracts should be submitted to with the subject line ‘Abstract Submission – First Author’s name’ (for example: Abstract Submission – Peter Jones). Any submission after the deadline at any stage will not be entertained, unless it is reasonably communicated with the editors. Due to the large number of submissions, only those whose abstracts are shortlisted will be notified.

Goldy George
Chief Editor

Julia Guenther