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About Journal of People's Studies

Journal of People's Studies (JPS), ISSN 2455-3115 (Online), is an open access online international, interdisciplinary, independent, peer-reviewed  journal that is published quarterly. It is devoted to initiate a discourse through  critical, scholarly, intellectual and communitarian perspective on varied issues of concern. In a way this is a space to theorise people’s wisdom and knowledge. In addition to being a platform for original thinkers and writers, it is an effort to bring  information, knowledge and wisdom of marginalised sections that has been conspicuously absent from the mainstream academic discourses.

A sizable region inhibited by such groups is faced with the myriad of socio-cultural, economic and political disparities adversely affecting its growth and development. Yet, we believe that such communities and individuals have a lot to contribute in generating knowledge. This belief has inspired us to come together to undertake this initiative.

Every issue of JPS would have a specific theme. The key contribution on each issue would include theme based essays, articles, and research papers. The journal would welcome creative writing, documents, book reviews and information about community practices in different fields and areas as well. JPS is committed to widen the level of global knowledge sharing with different sections of society.  It is  an endeavour to bring together activists, academicians, scholars, intellectuals, practitioners, students, professionals and creative writers all over the world.